Because It's There

Because It’s There

Why do people climb a mountain?

Because it’s there.

I don’t climb mountains. I barely climb ladders. Heights are not my friends. Never have been.

I’m among the many people who view mountain climbers with a degree of admiration and bewilderment. Mostly, I think they’re crazy. It would seem I have an aversion to death-defying feats. Yes, I’m weak. And afraid. #FradyCat

Even so, I can approach an escalator or long stairway and envision pulling some movie stunt of sliding down rather than taking the more pedestrian way down. Why? Because it’s there. Like a curb or ramp, we’d always take while riding our bikes. I mean, it’s there. I’m there. So why not, right? Meant to be.

Life is filled with such things.

Mud puddles that need to be stomped.

Snow that needs to be thrown in balls.

Ramps that must be jumped.

Basketballs that must be shot at a hoop. Or trash that must be wadded up and thrown from across the room for a proverbial 3-point shot buzzer-beater.


Because it’s there. And somebody must do it.

Okay, I get that there’s a huge difference in the north face of the Eiger and throwing a balled-up piece of trash into a trash can 20 feet away.

Let’s see if we can figure it out. Or not.

Randy Cantrell

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