It Starts In Your Head. It Ends In Your Performance!

It Starts In Your Head. It Ends In Your Performance!


In 2018 I started imagining something I’d never imaged before. I imagined having a second home, someplace I could retreat to. I had lived my entire life never thinking such a thing. I remember a time in my youth having a tough time imagining living on my own. 😉

I didn’t have difficulty imagining…I just had never imagined having two residences, but for the past few years, I’ve mostly imagined that!

Before music, there were Matchbox cars. As a little boy, I collected Matchbox cars – back when they were realistic metal die-cast vehicles. Those were the days before Hot Wheels came out, those cartoonish brightly colored, but fast-moving plastic cars. I didn’t like them nearly as well. They weren’t realistic enough to suit me. Ironically, being realistic helped me imagine the small cities and streets I created on the sofa cushions as I maneuvered the Matchbox cars around. Matchbox got all my money as a little kid because with them I could create all kinds of things in my head.

Let’s talk about starting an ideal outcome in your head and ending it in your performance!

Randy Cantrell

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