Up All Night: Breaking Spinning Plates

Up All Night: Breaking Spinning Plates

“The only way to learn how many plates you can spin is to break some plates. The question of capacity guarantees failure.”        – T.S. Elliot

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.  – Jim Elliot (no relation to T.S. that I’m aware of)

I’m not a plate-spinner.

I am able to multi-task, but it’s not actually multi-tasking at all. It’s really intense focus on a single thing with enough speed to get a number of things accomplished over a short period. That makes it look like multi-tasking.

Themes of the week have been:

  • Self-control or self-regulation – manifested in the struggles people have with porn addiction, marital infidelity, alcohol, work, parenting, unruly children, loneliness and more
  • Capacity and resources – what’s our limit?
  • Congruency – frustration in hearing people (often bosses) say one thing, but do something completely different
  • Failing to figure out how or where we fit – not understanding why or how we’re making a difference / wondering if we are

I’ve got too much going on – too many irons in the fire. I’m working on it and I’ll share more.

Randy Cantrell

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