Distractions Are The Enemy Of Greatness

Distractions Are The Enemy Of Greatness

Simplicity helps. Let’s define “greatness” as success. You can establish that for yourself, and define it however you’d like. For me, it’s about being extraordinary, remarkable, and dazzling. And as far as enemies go…well, it’d be nice if there were only one – distractions – but there are many. No sooner do we overcome one, than like a hydra – 8 more pop up, but distractions encompass a ton of them. Complacency encompasses a ton more and I might be able to argue that complacency is a distraction, too.

Everybody wants to change the world, but nobody thinks about changing himself.     – Leo Tolstoy

I’d make a small edit to that.

Everybody wants to change their world – their outcome – but they may not be willing to change themselves. In short, most of us want a different outcome without having to alter anything we do. We’d prefer to keep doing what we’re most comfortable doing hoping our outcomes will magically improve. They won’t. They don’t.

You know me, I’m a phrase guy. A word guy. It’s how we convey thoughts and ideas. A major way we communicate.

Being competitive. That’s an important phrase that I think is too frequently viewed negatively as though we mean our victory rides on the back of somebody else’s defeat. But that’s not true when it comes to us being our best – or trying to be. Our success doesn’t rob us of any victory.

We have to grow our competitive stamina.

I wish I weren’t so distracted, but I am. And I know it shows. Which is why today – like most days – I’m preaching to myself first. And hoping you find some value.

Randy Cantrell

Yeah, Me Neither

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