The Cavalry Ain't Coming: Where Are You Pinning Your Hopes?

The Cavalry Ain’t Coming: Where Are You Pinning Your Hopes?

I see this headline: In U.S., Poor Life Ratings Reach Record High.

That got my attention. For starters, I had no idea what the Poor Life Rating was. Turns out Gallup has an index. That’s kinda sorta the business they’re in. And we mostly trust the surveys and research Gallup produces.

Sometime earlier I had seen another online article about how Americans felt about the future. Turns out, according to the article, 75% of Americans felt like our best days were behind us.

It sparked an immediate question, “Where are people pinning their hopes? Are people really thinking Joe Biden is going to save them – or destroy them?”

Let’s wrestle this down a little bit.

Randy Cantrell

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