The Ask-Me-Anything Episode

The Ask-Me-Anything Episode

Let’s do some scatter-shooting today. Today’s show covers a few subjects:

  • Our 45th wedding anniversary (me and Rhonda, not me and you) 😉
  • My hyper-local podcast,
  • Spammers and scammers
  • Personal pain
  • Your ideal outcome / my ideal outcome – plan A may give way to plan M, O, or Z
  • The Starfish Parable
  • I’m an INFJ-Introvert, Intuitive, Feeler, Judger
  • The VIA Survey, click here to take it (free) – this is a character strength assessment
  • Our (me and Rhonda) encore chapter (just a teaser)

“What You Do Makes A Difference, And You Have To Decide What Kind Of Difference You Want To Make.” -Jane Goodall

Randy Cantrell

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