Reducing The Friction In Your Head That Causes Your Failure (5013) - LEANING TOWARD WISDOM

Reducing The Friction In Your Head That Causes Your Failure (5013)

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My life gets disrupted often. It’s not fun in the moment. But it’s profitable. Even minutes later.

Disruption is defined as “disturbance or problems that interrupt an event, activity, or process.” In my case, the event, activity or process is my life!

Everybody wants traction. In a relationship. In a career. In business. In every endeavor, we want to get traction as quickly as we can. To stick with the metaphor, we don’t want to spin our wheels. We want to get going and move forward. Preferably fast.

Traction is friction, but it’s the kind of friction we want and need for progress.

There’s another kind of friction that inhibits us. Stalls us. Sticks us. It’s the friction that foils our success. There’s all kind of friction. Much of it in our head, which can bring about physical friction. Both of them are very real.

Let’s talk about it. Better yet, let’s think soberly about it…then take some action to move forward.

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