Project Craving Encouragement Needs Your Input & Insights

Today, I went outside The Yellow Studio to record this special episode. I’m soliciting your input and insights. Thanks for listening and for all your support of this podcast. Should Project Craving Encouragement becomes something more than an episode (or two), or a regular segment of this podcast? If so, what should it be? Get [...]

Short Sprinting The Marathon (LTW5033)

Craving Encouragement: A Project Update Thanks to you guys I’m closing in on the goal. I’m not there yet so if you’re so disposed to make a contribution, do it. A BIG THANK YOU to everybody who has contributed. Even you anonymous ones. You frustrate the snot out of me being anonymous but thank you [...]

Spend More Time In The Place Where You Want To Be (LTW5032)

Project #CravingEncouragement Update I’m just $80 away from the goal. Thanks to everybody who has made a financial contribution. I’m still mostly wanting your stories of a time when somebody encouraged you in a meaningful way. You’ve seen and heard a theme in the recent shows because encouragement is an expression of belief. So I’m [...]

She is Molly Tuttle and her newest record is When You’re Ready. On it there’s a song, “Make My Mind Up.” Prior to this album, she was very bluegrass-ey. She’s a talented guitarist and singer. And songwriter. This song formed a bit of an earworm when I first heard it. Click play on the YouTube [...]

My Tired Coat Of Armor Been Wearing Thin And It Shows (5030)

 The title is a lyric from the newest Jamestown Revival record, San Isabel. The song is, “This Too Shall Pass.” For those of you interested – and some of you are – here’s some music I’m listening to at the moment…in addition to this new Jamestown Revival record. The Hunts – Darlin’ Oh Darlin’ [...]

Shattered Lives, Broken Hearts And Lost Religion (5029)

 Cue R.E.M. singing, Losing My Religion. I’ve said too much. I haven’t said enough. The quandary for a communicator. When my children were young I remember telling them how they were cursed with a father who would likely go to the grave having said too much. I can’t fully explain the urge to connect [...]

Last month I read an article entitled, “Ron Howard once explained why Opie’s attitude changed after the first season of The Andy Griffith Show.” One little segment of the article grabbed my attention. What would happen if Opie knew that Andy was smarter than him? How about if Opie actually respected his dad? I just [...]