My Social Media Fast Continues - LEANING TOWARD WISDOM

My Social Media Fast Continues

My Social Media Fast Continues - LEANING TOWARD WISDOM

I do it every year. Rarely at the same time. Mostly because I wait until the mood hits me, then I pull the plug. I’m now about 10 days into it with another 15 or so to go! You should try it.

I put on the graphic (which was posted at Facebook and other social media accounts), “Sometimes you have to step away to see who you are, and who you most want to be.” A simpler way of saying it is, “Sometimes you just need more quiet in your life.”

Back in April the Jayhawks released a new record with this song, Quiet Corners & Empty Spaces. Sometimes those are the places where we need to retreat to so we can gather our thoughts, more deeply consider our feelings and regain a bit of energy to move forward. Yes, I’ll talk about it a bit in an upcoming episode.

In the meantime, brace yourself for some good cartoons for tomorrow’s Saturday Smile!


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