Giving Sorrow A Time Limit

Giving Sorrow A Time Limit

As much as I’d love to be completely transparent, there’s just so much that would be improper about it. So I’ll give you the broad brush of it.

There hasn’t been a physical death, but the carnage is deep and vast. It’s personal. It’s family. And it’s been going on a long, long time. A slide. An erosion. Lots of pain. Lots of suffering. Lots of preoccupation with the loss. But no control because we can’t (nor should we) control other people.

I rounded the corner of closing out February 2022, realizing that sorrow and grief have preoccupied me for going on four years. Fact is, I’ve been grieving for many, many months, but something happened (I don’t know what) and one day I decided to draw the proverbial line in the sand. “April is going to be the month I fully devote to my grief, then I’m going to emerge with a new – albeit less whole – normal.”

Well, life gets in the way. Even of planned grieving.

Sorrow and grief are odd things. They impact us in unique ways to us. Processing emotions isn’t something you can necessarily generalize.

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