Are We Coming Out The Other Side Of Covid? (Season 2020 Episode 6)

It’s a question. Not a statement.

Here in Texas, our “stay at home” order (issued by the governor) ends tomorrow, Thursday, April 30, 2020. Starting Friday, May 1st, stores can open up at 25% capacity. The exceptions are hair salons, bars and health clubs. If things continue to improve (some argue that they may not be improving), then the governor said he’ll modify his executive order to elevate the capacities to 50% on May 18th. By then, he may have a plan for bars, hair salons, and health clubs to reopen, too. As with many things, time will tell.

It’s the first sign and step toward emerging from this pandemic. Maybe.

Some are still quite anxious about it. Others are restless and ready to get back to the old normal.

Me? I’m pretty sure I’m not ready to enter some crowded space. Those who are cavalier, thinking this is much ado about nothing, will likely think I’m an idiot. And that’s fine. I can live with it. I’ve been called worse.

Today, let’s talk about music and other coping mechanisms of this pandemic.

Enjoy. Stay safe. And let’s see if we can’t figure out a way to create an even better normal than our past normal.

Here’s the social media post I refer to in today’s show. Laugh at will.


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