March 30, 2019 Saturday’s Smile (The Final Edition)

Jerry Van Amerongen, creator of my all-time favorite cartoon – BALLARD STREET – is riding off into the sunset. Jerry is 79. At 40 he left corporate sales and became a cartoonist.

Ballard Street has been published since 1991. Before that he created “The Neighborhood” for 10 years.

The man is an extraordinary talent and I’ll miss his regular work. His work has surrounded me for decades (and will continue to do so).

Today is Jerry’s last Ballard Street cartoon – the one pictured here. And the irony is, I’m terribly sad about it. I love Jerry and his work very much.

Over on Facebook Jerry post this, along with this final cartoon:

ADIOS PARTNERS! I’ll see you on the other side, where I’ll post irregularly. Thank you again, and remember for B St. oldies and the books for collections.

Adios, Jerry. Thank you for leaving sales for cartooning. My life was made better by your creations.


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