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Paladin’s business card with all the essentials

Have Brain. Won’t Travel.

My dad loves westerns. He was a faithful viewer of the CBS show, Have Gun Will Travel. Richard Boone was Paladin, a gun for hire. He had a terrifically simple business card.

Well, I don’t have a gun. And I hate to travel. So I’ve got a different motto…Have brain. Won’t travel.

This is where you benefit. Of course, you already know how you benefit by the podcast. I know it’s stunning can’t-live-without content.

Rather than try to convince you how spectacular I am (besides, it’d be redundant for those of you who already appreciate my awesomeness), I’ll just give you a few bullet-points to push my “for profit” agenda:

  • You can go here to read my professional ABOUT page, but it probably won’t help you much
  • Instead, I’d suggest you check out this episode right here at LTW, #4030 (it’s about my personality type; I’m an INFJ)
  • I don’t professionally do any “by the hour” work, except here
  • That’s because you’re in a special group — listeners to this podcast
  • And because this project is special, it’s about us helping each other
  • Besides, I’ve got bills to pay and this will benefit you while helping me accomplish that goal

biz-cardSo here’s the deal. It’s an hourly deal affordable to as many people as possible because I know how lonely it can be. And I know how difficult it can be to find the right person – just the right person – to help. I’m sorta like Wile E. Coyote, except without the travel. Genius? Well, that just depends on how bright YOU are, doesn’t it? Just listen to 3 episodes and judge for yourself if I’m the guy capable of helping you.

It’s not complicated. And it’s not expensive. But it’s powerful because I figure together, you and I can do more than budge a needle further away from EMPTY and more toward FULL. We can probably make this thing go lots faster!

Here’s what you get:

  1. A one-hour Skype call
  2. A recording of the call
  3. Two follow-up emails
  4. One special follow-up personal audio message from me to you (to cheer you on, encourage you and address things in our emails)

Only $197*

* You can also buy 2 hours at once and I’ll give you the second hour at almost half price, $100 (total $297) You can use the hours consecutively or at separate bookings.

Have Brain. Won't Travel.

To launch the process, just complete this short form. I'll email you a PayPal invoice. Upon receipt of payment I'll send you an email so we can schedule our call. I promise to complete the call within 10 business days of receipt of payment or I'll fully refund your payment.

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