A Stone’s Throw Away From Hitting The #CravingEncouragement Goal

The record holds up. Circa 1977. Valerie Carter died in 2017 of a heart attack. She was 64. Jackson Browne wrote, “That Girl Could Sing” about her. And yes, she could sing. And yes, that would be the players of Little Feat backing her up, among other terrific players.

I’m oh so close to hitting the financial goal. Just a few contributors could help push it over the goal line! If you’d like to contribute to PROJECT #CravingEncouragement – you can do it with or without financial contribution.

Find out more by going here: leaningtowardwisdom.com/support-the-podcast

Thanks much to everybody who has already contributed. I love you all. I even kinda like those of you who haven’t contributed! 😉


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