FTC Disclosure

This is my FTC disclosure so I can make sure everything is totally legit. As of December 1st 2009, I’m required to disclose that I may be getting paid at times for the material I write or record on LeaningTowardWisdom.com, GrowGreat.com, HSVInsideOut.com and other websites owned by Bula Network, LLC.

This blog and the associated podcasts, and videos, are generally about the pursuit of wisdom in all areas of life. I don’t often sell things here, but that’s subject to change. Naturally, when I sell something the whole idea is to earn a profit. Otherwise, what’s the point, right?

By law I’m required to tell you that any time you click on a link on this website, there is a decent chance that I may be paid if you buy a product on the other end. You should assume that I get paid on any and every link you see on this website. That way there can be no misunderstanding.

Sometimes, I receive free stuff in exchange for blogging or podcasting about particular products. Most times, I don’t get anything more than the sound of crickets chirping. I’m always working to be better than Gene (see the cartoon).

I’m an affiliate marketer, blogger, podcaster, videocaster and general sales/marketing cartoon character. When I talk about a product, sometimes I have a affiliate link attached to that product. When someone buys that product, I get paid. It’s like being an Internet-based commission salesperson.

My opinions or reviews are clearly my own and I don’t accept payment for anything I don’t believe is of value to my audience. I regularly turn down free goods or services because I don’t find them valuable in my life – and I often make the assumption that you wouldn’t find them valuable either.

No matter what the FTC or any other government agency says or does, the old advice remains quite wise: Buyer Beware!

Be careful about what you buy and who you buy from. I’m fond of full disclosure. Expect that of me because it’s what I hope to always provide.


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